Fly a Fighter JET

Have you ever wanted to fly a fighter jet or a Spitfire – but can’t afford the £3000+ price tag that goes along with it?

Come and experience our virtual jet and helicopter fleet for less than 2 percent of that cost. Our 4DOF motion simulators and VR headsets put you in the cockpit and in the action – as real as it gets without leaving the ground.  

We have a range of aircraft to fly including the F/A-18C Hornet, F-15C Eagle, Spitfire Mk IX, L-39 Albatross and the UH-1H Huey and SA-342 Gazelle helicopters – all in 4DOF motion and super-immersive VR. You won’t believe what you see at VR Sim.

What happens on the day?

For first-time flyers, we'll take a few minutes talking you through how the sim works and some of the basic controls you'll need to be able to operate (it's helpful if we know what you want to fly before you turn up, but not essential). Once that's decided, it's on with the helmet-mounted display and we'll take you through a range of pre-set simulations, or you can fly about freely.

Our fixed-wing modules currently include:

  • F/A-18C Hornet
  • F-15C Eagle
  • F-5E Tiger II
  • L-39 Albatros (multicrew flight capability)
  • Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX
Rotary Wing Modules:
  • UH-1H ‘Huey’ Helicopter (multicrew flight capability)
  • SA-342 Gazelle
  • AH-64D Apache (coming in late 2021)

There are a range of simulated situations to engage with in all the aircraft modules. Some are listed below, but if there is something you particularly would like to try, please do speak to us and we’ll do our best to set it up.

Cost and Duration

You can do 30 minute or 60 minute sessions in either one or multiple aircraft. Prices start from £45 per 30 minutes, up to £80 per 60 minutes at weekends. Discounts are available if you book for two people at the same time or if you are familiar with our flight sim software (DCS) - and if you want to extend your 30 minute session on the day, we can extend to 60 minutes for the same price as if you'd booked a 60 minute session in the first place, subject to availability.

Fighter Jet Experience UK