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A fear of flying is not unusual; the strange feelings associated with an aircraft taking off, landing or simply travelling through the atmosphere can and does put fear into many of us frequently. Added to that a variety of unknown noises during your typical commercial flight and it’s a recipe for anxiety and stress for many.

Our fear of flying course aims to help with this by putting you in an unusual situation, by immersing yourself in the seat of a two-seat light aircraft, and flying you over, around and through a range of terrains at a variety of altitudes and speeds. You will experience the motion of take off, flight and landing, along with the typical vibrations associated with control surfaces and landing gear moving.

VR (Virtual Reality) has come a long way even in the last couple of years to the point where putting a VR headset on can quite literally take your breath away. Our fear of flying course is no different. As such, we recommend no more than a 30-minute session, as the combination of VR and motion can induce very real feelings in participants.

What will happen on the course?

First off, we'll spend a few minutes talking to you about the simulator itself, how it works, and getting you seated and comfortable. Then, we'll start up the simulator and ask you to put on your headset and click a couple of buttons for us. This will then put you in the rear seat of our two-seat 'trainer' aircraft, which is an L-39 Albatros, as used by several air forces to train their pilots, and shown in the picture on this page.

With your VR Sim experience, the L-39 will simply give you the feelings of take-off, flight and landing - all whilst you're safely on the ground. If at any point you feel uneasy, you simply reach up and take the headset off, and you're back in the room - but whilst you're wearing the headset you are very much in the cockpit, with working dials, switches and a heck of a view. Although in the real L-39 the 'student' would ride up front, for VR Sim you ride in the back, as there are fewer distractions and it's a better view!

Cost and Duration

The whole experience itself takes no more than 30 minutes including the 'briefing'. During this time, you're the only person in the venue whilst your experience is going on, so there is complete privacy. The price is £65, and the experience is available weekdays between 10am and 3pm. BOOKING VIA TELEPHONE ONLY.

Video examples

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what our Flight Confidence course offers you.

Give us a call to chat through availability or discuss the course.

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