What cars are available?

There is a huge range of cars: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, McLaren, Mercedes, Pagani and Porsche, plus lots more - see the full list here. For tracks, there is a huge choice of international circuits including Silverstone, Monza, Imola, Nurburgring, Red Bull Ring, Nordschliefe, Vallelunga, Zandvoort - and some fictional tracks.

What if I feel sick?

Around 15-20% of users experience motion sickness with the use of Virtual Reality headsets, but the use of VR is not mandatory. Travel sickness pills help. In the event that you do feel sick, you can take a break, or remove the headset and use a large 43" screen instead. Kids are generally less susceptible to 'VR sickness' in our experience.

How much do the simulators move?

We use professional motion simulators that move up to 150mm at their maximum level of movement in four planes - pitch, roll, yaw and heave. This may not sound a lot, but when you are immersed in a VR situation it can feel like it is moving more than it is. See some of our videos here for an idea of the level of movement.

Can I wear glasses?

You can wear glasses for VR if they are not too big ; we recommend a maximum width for your glasses to be 5.7 inches or 14.5cm - but if you can wear contact lenses or do without your glasses, it will be a much more comfortable experience. If you do choose to wear glasses, we would recommend no more than 30 minutes to start. Otherwise, if you're using screens, glasses are of course no problem.

What clothing should I wear?

For footwear, we would recommend lightweight shoes with slim soles or just take your shoes off - but not boots or thick soled, chunky footwear (and please make sure they're clean!!). Generally, you want to wear shoes that allow you to feel the brake pedals of a car as much as possible. For clothing, you can wear anything, but we would not recommend anything too bulky.

Do you do any discounts?

There are discounts within our pricing policy for two people driving at once; it's £25 for one driver for 30 minutes, or £40 for two drivers (£20 each). For regular racers, we offer a 'race block' booking of 4 hours over three months, which gives a 25% discount. Race block can be used by a maximum of two people, giving each driver 2 hours driving for £75 rather than the usual £100.

Are there any age, height or weight restrictions?

We have a minimum height requirement of 1.35m; there is no age limit. It is a good idea if kids have a basic understanding of a car - i.e. steering wheel and accelerator/brake - before you turn up. Our seats are bucket style (see videos) so you need to be able to be comfortable in that type of seat. If you can climb into a normal car, you'll be fine. Maximum height is around 6'3", and your weight should be broadly inline with your height to be able to use the sims.

What hardware do you use?

Our PC hardware runs Windows 10 with RTX 3060Ti graphics cards, and we use Fanatec DD1 Wheelbases, Steering Wheels and V3 Pedals. We use 43" Samsung TVs, and our VR headsets are HP Reverb G2.

What software do you use?

We use Assetto Corsa to enable players to compete 1 vs 1, or player vs AI. If you have your own iRacing login, you can come and use that too, but please let us know in advance.

Do you do any offers for children?

Not specifically, but we have a some options within our pricing model that make it cheaper to come with one other participant, or to book sessions in bulk.

Can you come to me?

Our motion platforms are not portable so unfortunately we are not able to offer a mobile solution. But, feel free to bring along a bunch of people - we've a cafe here, a beautiful lake and plenty of parking.

Do you do Corporate Events?

Yes. You can usually hot-seat on and off as much as you like as a group, although we've found that groups need a minimum of 15 minutes seat time per person to get any real benefit from it. If you're thinking of coming here as a group for birthdays or work, please give us a call and we'll put something together for you. We can also co-ordinate with the cafe on-site for catering.

What about refunds and cancellations?

We send out email reminders 24 hours prior to your booking to keep you on your toes! Inside of 24 hours we will still offer refunds or exchanges for alternate dates, but inside 2 hours of your booking, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. For example, if you have a 4pm booking and ring us at 1.45pm, we can offer a refund or alternate date, but if you ring us at 2.15pm it will be too late to cancel.

What about COVID-19?

We have a time window between each appointment where all contact surfaces that can be cleansed are cleaned, and we ask that you wash your hands before using any equipment. If you wish to wear latex gloves you can, but please ensure that they do not have a powder coating. The sim unit is quite private so there are never too many people present.

Anything else?

We operate a zero tolerance approach to 'Rage Gaming' and/or abuse. If you or anyone in your party rages or abuses a staff member or guest, you will immediately forfeit your entire session and you will be liable for the full costs of repair or replacement if equipment is damaged as a result of rage gaming or any other wilful damage, as detailed in our waiver - see the footer.

What about disabled access?

Although the building we are in - The Grey House - can cater for disabled access, the construction of our motion simulators means that we cannot cater for people with physical disabilities, as you need to be able to climb into the seat and operate controls with both hands and feet. If you can operate a normal car, you can use our simulators.