What is VR Sim?

We are a public entertainment venue offering Sim Racing, combined with motion simulators and Virtual Reality.

As close to the real thing as it gets..

Come drive with us; VR Sim offers motion simulators combined with next-gen VR that allows us to accurately simulate the feel of driving.  If VR isn’t for you, no problem – use our 43″ TV screens instead.

Call us today to discuss, or book a slot below. We look forward to seeing you.

Go Racing!

With Assetto Corsa, we can offer a huge choice of cars to experience. Drive on your own or race a friend. Our racing sims use Fanatec Direct Drive wheels for the ultimate realism.

Motion Platform Hire

Want to try your own software on our motion simulators? Give us a call to discuss.

The sim rig we use at VR Sim is the T1000 5M platform from ProSimU.

These platforms, with their professional PRS200 actuators giving 150mm of movement, give us 4DOF (4 degrees of freedom) motion – roll, pitch, yaw and heave – and are perfectly suited for both flight and driving.

The platforms weigh in at over 300kg with the equipment and a person onboard; they’re made from pressed steel, so they are solid and sturdy, designed with safety, stability and robustness in mind. 

The platforms are designed to enable even the smallest amount of movement from a vehicle to be replicated. This, in conjunction our premium level peripherals and user interface systems, creates an unrivalled level of immersion with a VR headset; when you sit in the seat and put the headset on, you better believe it – you are there, in the thick of it!

Come and experience VR Sim today; you will not be disappointed.